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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

A glimpse behind the scenes Boots on the Ground was initially a photo story, which in turn developed into a small clip and eventually is becoming a documentary on the plight and the sometimes heartbreaking world of anti poaching rangers, conservationists and people with an undying passion for wildlife. The team has been embedded with rangers in Kenya, South Africa as well as Zimbabwe and was part of the combined military- anti poaching force in one of the most dangerous regions in Mali, returning with a bag full of stunning footage, unforgettable memories of beauty but also heartbreak and an insight only a few people will ever get.

Boots on the Ground is currently in post production and while looking through all the stories that are being put together, hope grows- hope for a better world because of the people on the ground, who never give up!

A glimpse into the making of a documentary: (filmed by: BoG Photography, Clare James Photography, Nigel Kuhn Photography, Kimberly Wood)

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